Full-service web hosting
done right.

We’ll be honest. You can probably find a less expensive web host. But keep this in mind: While the “cheap” companies have lots of servers to handle many clients, they are low-power, non-customizable machines. They are running a hosting farm that’s automated, with zero personal attention. So if you exceed their limits, they will shut you down. No warning. We’ve seen it happen.

Full Cycle Creative, on the other hand, uses completely customized servers backed by Amazon EC2 and Digital Ocean to meet the specific needs of our clients. We react and build servers according to dynamic bandwidth requirements, and we will never shut a client’s site off due to resource consumption. We can reallocate resources at any time, as necessary. This requires personal, hands-on expertise—something you’ll never find at the wholesale hosting sites. (And they don’t do nightly backups or provide security fixes without charging extra…but we offer it all!)

In plain language: We believe you shouldn’t have to worry about anything related to your web site.


  WordPress installation, site file capacity up to 2GB

  Transfer of existing WordPress content (if any)

  Interim splash page creation & publishing

  URL redirects

 Email through Office365 (Exchange) available for additional fee


  Nightly site backups

  Backup content stored for 30 days out

  Security-related theme & plugin updates when needed

  Powerful protection & continuous monitoring against spam, hacking attacks

And basic technical support is included with hosting, too! This covers standard “how-to” inquiries regarding email usage or delivery errors, as well as any site or server malfunctions. Just give us a call, text or send an email—no annoying “trouble tickets” to complete, and no mandatory 24-hour waiting periods. Outages related to factors beyond our control will be managed to the best of our ability (i.e., Amazon EC2 outages, weather- or power-related outages, etc.). In the event of such an outage, we will monitor the situation and provide a fix as soon as it becomes available. (Note: Technical support for hosting does not cover WordPress content or design changes or support.)