Yep. Just the two of us.

Sarah Close
Founder. Writer. Designer. Strategist.

A graduate of Stanford University, Sarah has more than 20 years’ experience in marketing communications, with expertise across the board in copywriting, graphic design & layout, creative content strategy, social media, and custom WordPress site creation. She digs drinking wine (after work, of course) and spends most weekends working NY Times crossword puzzles and watching Marvel movies with her kids. Oh—and singing show tunes. Because she’s a pretty spectacular #theatrenerd.

Matthew Close
Important Technical Guy.

Also a Stanford grad, Matthew runs the nuts and bolts of our client configurations for hosting and email—and he’s the go-to guy for anything requiring serious code or script work. In his free time, Matthew is most likely to be found immersed in one of the following tasks: 1) taking MOOCs in programming languages he doesn’t already know; 2) building a theatre set in the garage; 3) cooking insanely good food; or 4) dad-type stuff. And it’s worth noting that Matthew also makes beer.

Small agency.
Big ideas.

  We do it all.
From copywriting to design to web development and hosting, we run the gamut of marketing communications services. Don’t see what you need? Just contact us.

  We recycle, too.
Already invested in marketing work? No problem. We work with what you have, or we help you find the most practical, affordable means of building a campaign from scratch.

  We’re team players.
Sure, you might enjoy the marketing process and want to do some of it yourself, but we can pick up where you don’t have the time or skills to materialize your full vision. Think of us as an extension of your organization.

  We’ve been there and done that.
We’ve run companies, launched new products, dealt with marketing emergencies, written award-winning pieces, and experienced the best and worst of other marketing services. We’ve gone corporate, agency, freelance, and volunteer. We’ve truly seen it all, and we know how to satisfy customers.

Top Skills

  • WordPress site customization & development
  • Consumer & technical copywriting for all marcom needs
  • Graphic design, layout, logo & branding
  • Complete website & email hosting

Can we help you?

Our clients are both local and out-of-state, and include:

  • Consumer & retail businesses
  • Small- to medium-sized service companies
  • Marketing agencies
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Technology enterprises
  • Independent businesspeople

Need a hand? We’re happy to help out.