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Sarah C. Close
Founder. Writer. Designer. Strategist.

With over 19 years of marketing communications experience, Sarah understands that great copy and design are the lifeblood of your organization’s success. Also critical: Gadgets, good background music, and a sense of humor.

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    Sarah Close lives in Southlake, TX, with her husband, two daughters, one son, two dogs, and a totally unpersonable goldfish. Sarah is a graduate of Stanford University with over 19 years’ experience in marketing writing and editing, corporate journalism, and creative strategizing for a wide range of organizations, including high-tech companies and community nonprofits. Sarah is also a skilled web and graphic designer, focusing on custom WordPress development—but her number one priority is always her family. In her “free” time (rare as it is), Sarah volunteers with both the Southlake Women’s Club and its annual art festival, Art in the Square.
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Matthew D. Close
Important Technical Guy.

All things technical are possible through Matthew. He’s our go-to genius when it comes to hosting, security, scripting…and beer. (Did we mention he also makes beer? Check out TreeStrike Brewing Company.)

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    Matthew Close is a strong technical leader and a true Renaissance man. A graduate of Stanford University, he has more than 16 years’ experience in the high-tech sector, with over a decade at or above director-level in an Information Security organization. Don’t let his computer-nerd facade fool you, however. He was an English major who also studied advanced math and chemistry—and he’s a skilled carpenter, handyman, chef, father and husband. For fun, he designs and builds sets for a local theater company, in addition to brewing beer for his homebrew label, TreeStrike. He lives in Southlake, TX, with his wife and their three children.
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